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Vishwa pest Control

Vishwa Pest Control

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Professional Pest Control Organization with proven track record. Vishwa Pest Control is a local company that is large enough to handle any treatment problem and small enough so that every customer is given due importance. In our years of experience we have strived to better ourselves in efficiency, service and reliability.

Our winning combinations of Herbal, Organic and Chemical Treatments have won us many happy customers ranging from housewives to corporates, hotels, hospitals and infact anyone and everyone who is serious about health and hygien


To provide services that give our customers Total Satisfaction and to upgrade our Knowledge, Methods and Service Levels to continually stay ahead at all times.


A commitment to offer services that are effective, in effect it means to study and evaluate each site and to apply thought, not just treatment, but a combination of treatments and the variations that are needed to get the desired results.

Pest control is not just about cleansing your environment of pests, but ensuring that it stays pest free. Vishwa pest control ensures that the problem is rooted out and then controlled by designing a frequency of treatments that overlaps to nip emerging problems in the bud and to give a “pest free environment”.


  • Treat the premises to make it pest free
  • Keep them invading from unwanted areas
  • Maintain the effectiveness constantly


  • Understand customers’ problems and needs. Study the problem and custom fit the treatment
  • Plan which product to be used i.e. herbal, organic or chemical, or the combination of them.
  • Plan a line of attack right from the breeding places to the best time to treat the adult pest